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Benefits of Understanding your Inner and Social Alchemy


There are fundamental questions to which science has yet to fathom answers; now research increasingly shows that the answers lie within us if we choose to observe the fundamentals of alchemy.

  • What makes us happy
  • What makes us healthy
  • How can we heal from physical and mental diseases
  • How can we be happy in our relationships
  • How can we develop our talents and be of value in the world

A leading scientist within the field of holistic medicine, S∅ren Ventegodt, highlights the significance of research into evidence based, non-drug medicine. The understanding of our inner alchemy leads to an emotional intelligence which reflects our social alchemy.  When in balance the wellness that results can be the swiftest healer of many illnesses. For more on S∅ren Ventegodt click HERE

Feel, understand and let go

The key is to slow down, listen to your body and connect with it NOW at this moment.

What is it telling you, how does it feel deep inside…

To learn how click HERE


  • Use The Alchemist R&D to book online discussions, workshops.
  • Become initiated into the personal mysteries of alchemical practice.
  • Learn methods of transmuting emotions and thoughts into purified consciousness.
  • Understand how the ancient principles work in your daily life and relationships
  • Turn the lead of everyday life into the gold of health, wealth, and new opportunities.


  • Network with others of similar interests, as well as therapists using our hangout groups.
  • Take part in ballots, polls and surveys that help determine the direction of alchemy research and development


  • Learn how to set up a safe kitchen lab and make your own tinctures and elixirs charged with energy.
  • Discover ways to harness the life force for alternative healthcare and continuing rejuvenation.
  • Awaken powerful energies to fuel your continuing transformation.


  • Be part of a community of Alchemists in the work of personal and global transformation.
  • Transcend personal limitations by understanding something greater.
  • Learn to resonate with the magical power of signs and symbols.
  • Work to transform our cultural and global environment on all levels of mind, body, and spirit.


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