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Alchemy of Productive Work Strategies


Working 9-5 does not suit every person, and indeed many have differently structured days.

If you’re a business owner responsible for a small organisation you’re likely taking on many more hours to reduce costs. If you’re an executive within larger business these hours become further pressured.

Breaking your day down into chunks of work and rest that match your natural energy levels feels good, makes your workday go faster, and boosts your productivity. For more see this article from Travis Bradberry

In essence studies find taking a natural break away from tasks at hand every hour or so increases overall productivity; however it does beg the question of how to utilise this time to ensure a true break.

Taking time to connect with yourself can be done in any environment, any situation, any time of the day and ensures true engagement with your inner alchemy.

The key is to slow down, listen to your body and connect with it NOW at this moment.

What is it telling you, how does it feel deep inside…

To learn how click HERE


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  1. […] sure you take them. If you’re extremely busy, it’s better to take breaks during the day (see Productive Work Strategies) and work late rather than work non-stop to ensure you leave on time. try not to take work home […]


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