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Power for Peace – Synchronised Group Meditation


Inspired by The Mind Unleashed, (see video HERE) we would like to invite you to join in our synchronised group meditation for peace.

This meditation can be done from wherever you are. We are simply asking for you to connect at a given moment; how long you remain connected is very individual. Set a reminder on your phone, and find yourself connecting while waiting in a queue or talking with friends. your reminder is enough for the connection to be effective.

We ask you to access the power of your inner alchemy by slowing down, listening to your body and connecting with it at the same moment as others in the group.

What is it telling you, how do you feel deep inside about peace? The joy of peace of mind for yourself and for all living beings. Focus on peace as a word, a concept and a reality for yourself and the world. Project peace into the hearts of all people both known and unknown.


To develop your inner alchemy and learn the power of transmutation click HERE


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