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Meditation has many benefits.

Through setting aside 10 minutes when you wake in the morning to start the day, and also at the end of the evening before you fall asleep, you can experience increased inner harmony.

Meditation is a profound form of relaxation that helps us to contact our inner spiritual source. Regular practice can bring about a state of inner peace and calmness that affects all aspects of our lives. The aim is to quieten the constant chatter of the mind, so that you can experience a state of inner stillness that is healing and regenerating.

The mind enjoys repetition, and is quick to set up a pattern to follow. When you first begin to meditate, you might find your mind wandering, but regular practice will make it progressively easier to settle your mind and reap the benefits of a quiet, relaxed space. Very soon, the simple act of lighting a candle, or sitting quietly, will trigger a meditative state very quickly.

Meditation forges links between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, increasing communication between the ‘logical’ and ‘intuitive’ aspects of ourselves. Regular time set aside for meditation leaves you more energised physically, because the release of tension promotes more restful sleep. Through feeling more comfortable with yourself, your relationships with others become more harmonious

You will discover that the experience of meditation feels very pleasant, especially if you allow yourself to go with the flow, and do not place high expectations on yourself. Most people need several sessions before their mind becomes accustomed to slowing down. This is why a regular time and particular place are helpful.

Meditation is perfectly safe and suitable for anyone, even children. It slows down your heart rate and brain wave activity, bringing about a deep, gentle form of relaxation. Mental stress and anxiety are reduced and alleviated because you are more deeply relaxed. Physical discomfort brought about by stress is eased as your muscles un-tense.

To get the most out of meditation, avoid noisy environments, and switch off your telephone as sudden noises can pull you out of your meditative state, making you feel disorientated. You can still meditate safely if you are taking medication. Avoid alcohol, however as this can affect your ability to focus. Ensure you will not be disturbed by members of your household so that you can fully relax. After meditation, you should take a few minutes to enjoy this state before resuming activities.

For more information about the research behind meditation see HERE



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