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Practical Meditation


Meditation Exercise

  • Sit Quietly

Make sure that you are comfortable and will not be interrupted. Take three deep breaths, exhaling fully, and then breathe in your natural rhythm. Feel yourself begin to relax. Allow passing thoughts to drift away without paying attention to them

  • Focus on Your Breath

Become aware of your breath as you breathe in and out. As you breathe in, imaging you are becoming filled with a sensation of light and peace. As you breathe out, allow any tension and anxiety to melt away with the exhalation

  • Flow with Your Breath

Follow the rhythm of your breath as it flows, gently and regularly. Feel yourself becoming increasingly relaxed and peaceful. Become aware of your breath as the life-force that sustains you, relaxes you, and energises you. Ignore any distractions that come into your mind, and you will find that it becomes easy to sit and concentrate on your breathing

  • Imagine a Peaceful Place

Now imagine that you are sitting on a warm, empty beach. The Sun is directly overhead, and the sea is lapping gently against the sand. You can hear birds in the sky above you, and see the sails of boats far our at sea being carried by the gentle, warm breeze. Small, beautiful shells are scattered on the sand all around you

  • Feel Protected

You are completely at peace – you have left all the worries, stress and anxieties of your daily life behind you. Let the feelings of calm and relaxation wash over you. Know that you are safe and protected

  • Let Worries Drift Away

If you have any particular worries that are affecting you at present that you are dreading, imagine that you have packed this trouble away in a suitcase, and put it out to sea. Imagine the boats taking the worry away over the horizon and out of sight. Even if it will have to return at some point, for now, you are completely relaxed and free

  • Ending your Meditation

After a minute of two, return your full attention to your breathing. Take three deep breaths, and then bring your attention back to your body and your surroundings. Wriggle your fingers and toes, stretch a little and slowly open your eyes and take in your surroundings

  • Enjoy the Benefits

Sit quietly for a few moments, to accustom yourself to your everyday state of awareness. Put some music on if you wish. Give yourself some time to enjoy the feeling of calmness before returning to your daily activities



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