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Dadirri – the ancient art of connection


Dadirri is an ancient art of deep listening originally practiced by aboriginal people. It is explained by Miriam Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann as a still awareness which promotes oneness with the earth and heals through our connection with nature, for more see here.

We all experience trauma in our lives which leaves us clinging to the essence of who we are and how we fit into the grand scheme of the universe. Meditation is a method of connecting with our inner spirit selves and can be practiced anywhere, any time; however Dadirri is a method of deep listening which is best practiced outdoors as a way to connect and listen for natures grander plan. Dadirri calls our inner spirit to commune with the essence of all creation in order to find balance and healing at a much deeper level.

When we practice Dadirri we enter into a still awareness with all that is around us in order to come to a deeper understanding of our connection with earths spirit. What you learn when practicing Dadirri is very individual however the peace that comes from silent waiting is universal. This waiting allows for the natural course of your spirit to resonate with ancestral learning and knowing through contemplation.

The key is to stop, look, listen and learn.


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