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Eat the Seasons


‘You are what you eat’

A phrase we often hear when it comes to health related matters.

Gillian McKeith ran a dieting programme on Channel 4 between 2004 and 2007 exploring this very concept where she took members of the public and put them through their paces when it came to becoming more fully aware of their food intake and the impact that can have upon their health as well as their wellness. However ‘you are what you eat’ not only refers to the quantity of food you eat but also to the quality of food that you consume.

Too often our bodies become used to pre-packaged foods which contain a cocktail of chemicals in their processing. These chemicals introduce toxins to our systems which affect our health dramatically. Even the most conscientious buyers who look at labels on processed foods are often duped into believing that the foods they consume contain less chemicals. Clean labels on these foods is another food industry method of making chemicals sound more palatable by changing their names to fool consumers into believing they are eating healthier. For more information on this shocking truth read “Swallow This: Serving Up the Food Industry’s Darkest Secrets” by Joanna Blythman. See a revealing interview with her here and access her webpage here

So if you are what you eat, and you want to eat healthier try eating foods that are in season for this time of year. Picking foods that are locally abundant during different seasons means getting into the habit of using raw foods and processing them yourself into delicious and healthy meals. This action incorporates not only nutritionally rich food into your diet, but also serves to support local growers in their efforts to sustain their presence in the food industry. Eating seasonal food also helps with finances, imported foods eaten throughout the year cost much more than eating local produce which are abundant and cost less when in season. For insight into what food is available through the seasons and advice on what to eat when, check out the East The Seasons database.

Getting back to the basics of food provides a gateway for getting back to the basics of your health.


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