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Stress Relief Guide


Your Guide to Stress Relief

One of the keys to reducing stress levels is learning how to manage your time more efficiently and taking firmer control of your life. By better prioritising your time, you will be able to set yourself more realistic goals, freeing up essential time for leisure and relaxation. Ways to achieve this might include setting up helpful routines, for example, tidying up your desk at work at the end of each day, so that you will be more organised for the following morning.

  • Learning to relax and unwind

Another important part of keeping stress under control is taking regular timeout to relax. You will learn the importance of splitting your time between work and leisure, so that you get the balance right and learn to prioritise and delegate tasks. You will also discover new ways to rest and unwind with complementary therapies and exercise.

  • Building Confidence

One way to cope better in stressful situations is to feel more confident and positive about yourself, particularly during conflict with others. Find out how you can be more assertive, allowing you to effectively challenge the demands made upon you by others and deal with difficult situations in a more relaxed manner. This will help you to build on your own strengths and improve on your weaknesses and, hopefully, you won’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. In addition, because you’ll be more aware of other people’s needs as well as your own, your professional and personal relationships will run more smoothly.

  • Laughing Out Loud

Not only do we laugh when we feel good, the reverse is also true – laughing makes us feel good! Laughter causes your body to release endorphins, producing a natural high, boosting your immune system and combating the effects of stress. What’s more, learning to lighten up and see the funny side of things will help you to put your problems into perspective.

  • Feeling Great

Before long, you’ll start to notice the physical benefits of tackling the stress in your life. You’ll feel healthier and more relaxed as you benefit from a better quality of sleep, more energy and even a better sex life. Other benefits you are likely to experience include a stronger immune system, more efficient digestive system and lower blood pressure, reducing your risk of many long term illnesses. You’ll also see the psychological benefits of lowering your stress levels, as you’ll feel less anxious and more confident.

By learning how to control the stress in your life and finding ways to relax, you will notice a number of positive changes in your physical and mental health.


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