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Stress Top 10


Further Causes of Everyday Stress

Major events such as bereavement or illness are obviously stressful. Yet happy occasions, such as getting married or moving house, can also put you under a lot of pressure.

Some pressure in life is necessary, as a lack of stimulation is likely to leave you bored. Too much pressure, however, may leave you struggling to cope and developing signs of stress. Reactions to stress vary between individuals and the way in which you deal with it can vary according to the time in your life.

The Effects of Change

Stress is often related to change – rapid changes are the most taxing, as they are hard to control. Slow changes at least give you time to adjust and make preparations but you are at your most vulnerable when several changes occur in a short period of time.

Anything can trigger stress, but often it’s the daily grind that affects people the most. Timing is a critical factor in how you cope; some women, for example, cope better with stress after a period, when they are feeling more cheerful, than in the week before it, when they are irritable and tense.

Flight, Fight or Freeze Instincts

The flight, fight or freeze reaction to stress is triggered by adrenaline. Without this hormone, you wouldn’t experience stress and would actually be less able to cope with the trials of life. Stress triggers the release of adrenaline from your adrenal glands (above each kidney) into your bloodstream.

Red Alert

Adrenaline causes your whole body to go into red alert. Your pulse, blood pressure and heart rate increase, supplying more blood to your muscles and brain and less blood to your intestines. Your muscles become tensed and ready for action, and you breathe more deeply preparing your body for combat of escape. At the same time, your body also produces a hormone called noradrenalin, which lowers your blood pressure and gradually helps your body return to normal.

The Top 10 Causes of Stress

  • Bereavement

Bereavement is a devastating experience that changes your whole life and can release a whole host of emotions such as guilt, regret and anger.


  • Divorce or Marital Separation

The breakdown of a relationship can be a time of immense change – moving home, changing your finances, explaining the circumstances to your children, and so on.


  • Illness or Injury

If you are indisposed due to an accident or long-term illness or after surgery, you may feel emotionally low. Worrying about the diagnosis and treatment and later how you will cope with the recovery period, can be extremely stressful.


  • Getting Married

what should be one of the most exciting days of your life can be one of the most stressful, due to all the planning involved. The wedding day can also feel like an anticlimax after the build-up of the past six months or year.


  • Redundancy

Losing your job can knock your self-esteem, as well as cause financial and relationship problems.


  • Financial problems

Financial problems are present in most families and are often the key cause of arguments between couples.


  • Caring for the infirm or elderly

Caring for others can be very rewarding, but it is also physically and emotionally draining. As a carer you may ignore your needs and feel guilty about time out.


Every job has its own pressure, including poor time management, a lack of communication or support, bullying and office politics.


  • Moving house

Moving house can cause stress and the process of moving can be a constant worry, including finding your home and all the financial implications involved.


  • Family gatherings

Family gatherings can be a very trying time, especially if you are not used to being in such close proximity to your relatives. There can be a lot of pressure to meet expectations, and it is common for people to reach boiling point over issues that seem trivial and small.


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