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Stress Management ~ Your Morning


A day in the life of stress: Your Morning

Organising your morning to be as stress-free as possible is truly the best start to the day. It will help you to feel more in control and save you vital minutes.

The mood you are in when you awake is often linked to the way you were feeling when you went to sleep. If you had issues that were unresolved before you turned in, then you will have a bad night’s sleep leaving you feeling physically and emotionally drained when you wake.

The Morning Grind

It is a familiar scenario in every household: your alarm failed to wake you on time so you are already feeling anxious. As your metal clarity returns, the worries that you experienced last night have returned, making your stomach ache. You push past it and get up to go to the bathroom, but someone has beaten you to it! Eventually you’re ready to head downstairs for breakfast, but there’s no coffee/tea/cereal/toast for you as someone has beaten you yet again and finished the last of it. Getting out of the house is turning into a trial and your day has only just begun.

A Good Night’s Rest

People suffering from stress often have trouble falling asleep and wake feeling unrefreshed. Eight hours of sleep is the standard, but it is the quality of sleep that is most important. Insomnia is often fuelled by symptoms of stress, which produce high levels of adrenaline causing disturbed sleep patterns.

Immune response

A lack of sleep can have devastating effects on your health. How can your body recover and heal when it is fighting to simply keep you awake? Research shows that a lack of sleep is bad for your immune system and those who experience stressful times and lose sleep are more susceptible to illnesses, which will only serve to further exacerbate feelings of stress.

Reducing Morning Stress

Removing stress from your morning is all a matter of organisation. Just remember the motto “don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today”

The right environment

    • Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to ensuring that you wake up on the morning feeling revived. To create a restful sleep environment, ensure that the bedroom is kept cool: sleeping in a room that is too hot can leave you feeling groggy the next morning. Ensure the lighting is dim and that your bed is as comfortable as possible. During your lifetime, you will spend a large amount of time in bed so make sure the mattress you sleep on is comfortable and never more than 10 years old. You could also try burning an essential oil with relaxing properties such as lavender, an hour before you go to bed.

Clothes preparation

    • Another way to save time is by sorting out the clothes you will wear tomorrow, today! This means that you will have one less decision to make in the chaos of the morning rush. If you have young children, then doing the same for them is a sure way to avoid getting yourself behind schedule.

Do it the day before

    • Where children are concerned, establishing a routine is essential to a hassle-free morning. Try to organise their lunches before you go to bed the day before. If they need to take items with them to school such as a P.E. kit, school bags, or permission slips for school excursions, try to sort these out the night before.

Lost goods

    • Try to fix a place in your house where you can leave the house and car keys, letters that you need to post and your bag, and so on. Not having to hunt around for these items will save you precious minutes when you need them the most in the morning, and remove the stress that this inevitably causes.

Sorting out your meals

    • Scrambling around the kitchen for breakfast is not a pleasant activity but there are ways to save time here as well. Maybe you can set up a rota so that people take it in turns to set breakfast out. This takes the pressure off you and shares the responsibility. A handy tip is to have a pin board with a pad on it for food items. Whoever uses the last of the milk, bread or food item should write it on the list, that way part of your shopping list is already compiled.

An unrushed conclusion

    • With all these points, the essence is to give yourself time enough not to rush. Establishing a routine or putting structures in place can help everyone to get out of the house with everything they need and without causing delay. Be implementing these point and planning ahead, you can help minimise any confusion created first thing in the morning.

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