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Homeopathic Principles


Vital Force –

The energy and essence which permeates through the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of an individual. When in balance the vital force maintains good health, when out of balance the vital force will demonstrate dis-ease by producing symptoms.

Balance –

Homeopathy treats the whole person holistically taking into consideration the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a case, when these are in balance the vital force ensures that the individual experiences good health and wellbeing.

Dilution –

Homeopathic remedies mimic the presentation of dis-ease using the principle of like curing like. Remedies are diluted in water with the smallest dilution being 1 drop of original substance placed in 99 drops of water and vigorously shaken. Subsequent dilutions involve taking 1 drop of the new remedy and diluting it into a further 99 drops of water and so on to make subsequent potencies; this process is called potentisation. Homeopathic remedies support the body while its natural healing processes return.

Provings –

To prove that a homeopathic remedy is effective for certain symptoms, they are tested on healthy people who record the symptoms they experience while taking the remedy.

Placebo –

Many homeopathic trials show that the control group, who are given a placebo, often respond to treatment even though they have not received any substance. Some scientists believe that homeopathy is due to placebo alone however research into the placebo effect has begun to show that the act of wanting to be well can have substantial benefits.


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