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Remedy Pictures ~ Aconite



Ailments from fright; sudden onset and intense symptomsdownload 1

Anxiety and restlessness with any complaints

Intolerant of pain, fears will not recover

Pains followed by numbness and tingling

Faintness or dizziness on rising

Common cold, first stages only

Fevers, sudden onset; hot dry skin; often one cheek red, the other pale

Thirst for large quantities of water, unquenchable

Painful, red, hot, scanty urination, with anxiety

Croup; when child wakens frightened from sleep with dry, hoarse, croupy cough. Usually the only remedy needed

Eyes; relieves pain and aids healing in injuries such as scratch on the eyeball, or pain from a foreign body in the eye.

Bursting, throbbing headache; sensation as if band round head


Evening and night

Lying on affected side

Warm room


Tobacco smoke

Dry, cold winds


Open air


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