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Practical Influences ~ Mars Retrograde

When Mars is retrograde, it depletes vitality so any matters begun during this time will be frustratingly plagued with disruptions. It is a time when your approach to conflict, hostility, anger, assertiveness and taking action requires rethinking, regrouping and reintegrating. You will be called to draw upon your strengths as many of the weak links in your life may break or need repairing, use this time to withdraw and examine the way you express your anger and aggression.

During the retrograde phase, you may be unusually sensitive to disagreement, conflict and power dynamics in the world. Mars retrograde is a wonderful opportunity to explore the deeper dynamics and issues that trigger intense reactions. It can also bring out desires, sexuality, passion, ambition and drive that have been suppressed; if you find yourself overwhelmed by feelings, passion, aggression or anger, don’t let your pride, embarrassment or guilt get in the way of reaching out for help and support from a trusted person that you can call on and confide in.

You may feel your objective judgment is skewed or absent during this retrograde. If this is true for you don’t become overwhelmed, channel your feelings into a physical activity which will dissipate the excess energy and keep you inspired and motivated in a constructive way. Don’t expect immediate results in any matters as the gift of Mars retrograde is towards an inward transformation of understanding what you really want in life. It offers a chance to resolve any conflicts through compromise and to take stock of your life and what you want to accomplish.

Make plans during this retrograde motion for changes that would make you happier and more fulfilled. You will find yourself newly inspired and motivated to plan actions that you can take after the retrograde ends. Don’t be tempted to begin these transformations in your life until Mars has moved out of retrograde after roughly 70 days, this is the time for contemplation not action.


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