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Common Ailments ~ Stomach Problems ~ Recipes




This simple natural remedy helps deal with the problems indigestion can bring, including nausea, flatulence and loss of appetite. It should be taken twice daily after meals

Use a combination of citrus, warm ginger and salt for indigestion


  • I teaspoon rock salt
  • 1 cup ginger water
  • 1 cup lime water

Ginger and Lime waters –

Soak 50g ginger root or chopped fresh lime slices in 500ml of pure still water for 6 hours

Strain and store in a clean glass container in a cool place such as a fridge

  1. Mix the ingredients together
  2. Store in a glass bottle
  3. Leave in sunlight for 3-4 days
  4. Store in a cool place
  5. Add 1 tsp to a cup of water to make a dose


If you can’t take indigestion water for any reason, such as being on a low sodium diet, try this recipe. This paste should be taken after each meal and before going to bed at night.

Blend the ingredients together to make a thick paste to take with meals


  • 1 tsp cloves
  • 1 tsp fennel seed
  • 1 tsp dried ginger
  • pure unrefined honey


    1. Grind the cloves, fennel and ginger into a fine paste. Yu may start with a pestle and mortar and then finish the process using a food processor
    2. Add honey to thicken the paste. The honey should be added in small quantities to ensure you keep the mixture solid
    3. Store in a dark glass jar, well sealed in a cool, dark place
    4. 1 tsp of the paste is a dose

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