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Practical Influences ~ Mars in Sagittarius

With Mars in Sagittarius you may get angry and feel like running away without a lot of patience to wait things out. There is a restless and adventurous nature to Sagittarius which when coupled with Mars brings an explosive energy. You should seriously consider putting that energy to good use through physical activity as the best means of anger management.

Mars in Sagittarius generally brings a number of projects to the mind all at once, however it may be difficult to follow them through. The tendency is to start up new projects with great intention but vision and optimism can get in the way of completing what you start as you want to do so much, but disgard things too easily when a new idea takes hold.

Most of the time, Mars in Sagittarius brings a playful and fun-loving air. You will love friendly debates, although these can go to extremes so be careful not to run roughshod over others’ feelings when discussions get passionate. You may be a little blunt with people during this alignment making you hard to understand, especially when you are intense and passionate about a subject. You may feel the need for space if anything begins to fence you in, especially if you are unable to get your own way, but once you have attained this space you’ll be refreshed enough to rejoin society in your usual easy going manner.

Mars in Sagittarius brings a lot of restless crazy energy, like a wild card you will feel thirsty to try something new, go somewhere new, explore different aspects of the world. You may feel pulled in different directions and while caring about doing the right thing you will also want to be free to do whatever you feel. Spend this time laughing at life and capitalise on the exceptional luck that this alignment brings. Your optimism and enjoyment of life at this time will draw opportunities to you which you can happily learn from.

Inspiration is a common occurrence in this alignment and although long term stamina is lacking a little if you give yourself freedom and room to use your imagination shrewdly you will reach your goals quickly, efficiently and often in ways you had never imagined. Life is there to be consumed impulsively, tactlessly and with an insatiable appetite with Mars in Sagittarius so use this time to attack ever part of it with the enthusiasm, optimism and faith that this alignment brings.


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