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Practical Influences ~ Jupiter in Libra


With Jupiter in Libra there is a pretty easy energy surfacing where you feel popular, attractive and well taken care of, often leading to a lazy attitude where doing as you please can mean reaping the benefits of others’ hard work. There are many lucky breaks at this time leaving you floating on a cloud and clueless that your easy time comes while others are still suffering.

During the easy feeling of this alignment is can be difficult to comprehend when some disturbance comes along leaving you feeling a little crazy and making rash, desperate and silly decision to free you from the weight of responsibility and reality. Desiring to have a life as easy and light as possible can mean turning to someone else to rescue the situation, however you become the best you can be when you learn to give up as much as you take. Jupiter in Libra brings a love of people, and this will bring much good fortune. Your natural diplomacy lets you interact with others and solve problems. If you can develop a strong sense of self, your luck grows stronger and allows you to care less what others think of you.

Learning to detach one side of reality enough to embrace an equal part of the other side such as light and shadow, pleasure and pain, major and minor leads to gaining wisdom by focusing on the true nature of harmony, balance and beauty at this time. Acknowledging that there is never just one side of reality, it’s not just pretty but can be ugly too, will help you to experience yourself in the fullness of any situation you encounter. When this becomes apparent to you then you can begin to experience the capacity to deal with disturbances by making wise, fair and beautiful choices.

Greater luck and wisdom comes through remaining cool in stressful situations where you are able to naturally deflect the stress by doing what is fair and just in your understanding. This produces a calmness where you are able to communicate the bright side to those stressing out, or the darker side if they are being naive. It’s like holding up a mirror to people to see the side of themselves they never see and becoming the voice of reason in chaotic situations. You are intellectually adventurous and willing to learn in an open minded and impartial manner. Because of this, you may often be persuaded to change your mind through the arguments of others as you can also see all sides to an issue.

Jupiter in Libra bring a love of beauty where you want everything to be beautiful and harmonious. Your biggest challenge at this time is to understand that beautiful and pretty are not the same, easy and harmonious are not the same, and that the scary road can be very rewarding if you learn how to face it. At your best, you will be an expert at perfect harmony with a natural sense of balance where you are really good at focusing on your center to remain calm and one with everything.


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