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Practical Influences ~ Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn has a subdued and controlled style of energy which leaves you not coming across as particularly enthusiastic; rather more as low-key but determined. A natural achiever you’ll feel very goal oriented, preferring to keep on top of your well defined ambitions through hard work and a strong drive to succeed. Your goals at this time will be realistic and attainable and you will enjoy seeing tangible results from your productive efforts.

You will find your anger is best expressed in a cool, level headed manner where your self control is as strong as your desires. disliking waste and disorderliness your desires will tend to lean towards the physical and material world leaving you quite disciplined and able to plan for the future. With an innate sense of responsibility for yourself and those you care for be careful not to be too hard on yourself during this alignment. 


With Mars in Capricorn you will be determined to stay on top of things in your life through a desire to be secure, doing whatever it takes to succeed. You will possess a great amount of power and often get whatever you want and with your deep connection to the earth you are comfortable in your own skin no matter the situation. You will prefer to have no competition; disliking fights or competitive situations you would just rather get what you want and you will because of your clever negotiation and bargaining skills.

Feelings and grand ideas about right and wrong are less important to you than tangible results during this alignment. you will plan and persist without letting emotion or ideals get in your way. It isn’t that you are ruthless, it’s more a matter of being focused on a direct path to success. You will welcome assistance from other people and are generally good at directing others as long as they stay focused on the goal. If this isn’t the case you may quickly show your bad side, which resembles a cold and impersonal tyrant. Help is only help if moves things forward.

This alignment brings a practical, determined and highly ambitious energy and you will get a kick out of setting yourself testing long-term goals and challenges. Because your energy drive is steady, controlled and carefully metered you will be particularly good at pacing yourself, always keeping a reserve of adrenaline for the ‘final push’. Your weakness at this time lies in your tendency towards excessive cautiousness and over-deliberation, which can cause you to hang back too long before making a move; be careful not to miss out on the opportunities of the moment, because you’re too fixated on your long-term plans.


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