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Practical Influences ~ Mars in Scorpio


Mars in Scorpio highlights the dark and scary places where a great deal of energy comes from. During this time you will feel very private, very secretive and will usually want to be alone, not doing well around others. You may come across as confident, mysterious and intimidating as you access the power of the darker side to your nature; this will have people scared to come near you due to your ability to strike where it hurts during arguments and confrontation.

It is best at this time to find some athletic or creative pursuit to funnel the strong core energy you feel, that way you will be trying to control this raw energy in order to process it for good rather than evil. Be aware that with this transition your biggest competition is yourself and you will constantly push yourself beyond your own limits. You will be at your best when you can find a routine physical practice you can really excel in as you are so powerful and emotionally balanced when that happens.

This alignment brings a lot of energy tied up in sexual matters. You may experience your sex drive as extremely high with a raw sexual energy which is off the charts. This raw energy can attract a lot of competition from less intuitive bully types who sense the power you have but don’t believe it fully so test you until you finally sting. This can leave you very sensitive and hurt and can sometimes lead to an obsession to hold on to others in a mysterious way. Finding it hard to forgive and forget leads to taking time to cut toxic people off completely.

Mars in Scorpio brings with it activities that are weird, psychedelic, occult, magical etc. Being an alignment of transformation your ability to be highly creative will come through as beautiful and magical with an instinctual energy of what is unseen in others, such as their hidden desires. Your deep passion at this time will have you craving subjects which instill intense feelings leaving you room to explore ever deeper and more complex challenges. You will feel strong, efficient, self-reliant and self disciplined with a strong sense of purpose and be able to withstand great pressure that you can turn to your advantage as you test your abilities.

Experiencing the no-fear energy of this alignment brings you a competitive spirit which keeps you from giving up easily and propels you on the path of success. You will absorb yourself in ideals that take you into the well of human drama, the darker the better, and with your ability to dive in and transmute what you observe brings great force of will and healing gifts as an emotional seer.


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