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Practical Influences ~ Saturn Retrograde


Saturn is all about Karma, it moves through life with slower, methodical and purposeful structure as a component for transformation brought about from hardening, strengthening and staunch willpower. It represents a facilitating energy and when in retrograde slows down the normal rate of activity so that better methods and strategies can be developed.

During the period when Saturn is transiting retrograde, it is essential that we go back and assess and solidify commitments made, projects started and responsibilities undertaken in the past. This comes from perseverance and rigid follow-through bringing about intense focus to facilitate in matters requiring long-term vigilance. It provides the opportunity to reassess what we have taken on, to finally say NO, to back out of a commitment and to improve the organization of a project by promoting more fluid transactions.

It is a time to take matters in hand through order, strictures and a pull to balance and moderation, it governs our sense of responsibility and our limitations but can make us feel a little insecure and unable to accurately assess what can be realistically expected in any given situation. Avoid taking on any new work activity or responsibilities at this time and only make way to deal with issues that are from the past as we have the opportunity to go back and reorganise or renegotiate commitments that may have proved frustrating.

On a larger more encompassing scale Saturn retrograde may be a signal that you have the chance to re-do a lifetime and be serious about getting it right this time. Your soul knows you have achieved the spiritual maturity required through the enormous wisdom and talents of your past lives and now is the time to flow with Saturn’s retrograde and perfect what you have learned. Your old soul has advanced through the point of great struggles and sacrifices and there is no reason to experience inner doubts about your self worth and the ability to overcome difficulties.

Saturn retrograde is set on challenging us to grow up, fly right and get our act together, it will show or “unearth” the hidden truth about ourselves that we didn’t know about previously or forgot. It will ground your self awareness and also cause you to hold others responsible for their actions. Especially those from your past. We have the opportunity to examine failures and let-downs, learn from them, apply these lessons to how we’ll conduct ourselves in the future and then move on. This self awareness can be very healing and will ultimately make us more productive as a whole!


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