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Alchemy is a practice that depends on inner motivation, excellence and the highest standards. There are no mistakes in a practice that is researched, understood and applied fully to the matter at hand.

This mirrors our own beliefs. The Alchemist R&D was founded on the principle of giving the best advice and support to all inquiries. We work with the aspirations, concerns and ever-changing ambitions of individuals both privately and in business. We listen; we’re patient; we deliver on what we promise.

If you are a Business Owner, HR Director, OH Advisor, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager etc. looking at company wellness outcomes; please visit the Corporate Page for a breakdown of how The Alchemist R&D can aid your organisation.

If you are an individual looking to get your life on track by becoming more mindful and productive; if you are looking to discover more about yourself, find out your passions, unlock more creativity, gain more energy and be healthier; The Alchemist R&D can help you rediscover the alchemist within.

Join the Alchemist on one of the many ‘Open Visits‘ throughout the week and take part in the theme for the day. These visits are free to attend and open to all, your donation at the time is greatly valued, from a loaf of bread to share, a tin of coffee, money, or your time; the donations basket at the door welcomes them all. Open Visits run May ~ November

For those seeking one to one contact, The Alchemist works on a donation based system for individual clients with each appointment carrying a minimum suggested donation to access the service. Suggested donations vary according to the type of service accessed, for example each £10 per 30 minute private online inquiry can be booked in blocks if you feel more time is required.

Our minimum donation is low to cover admin fees and keep the service affordable to all; we are always delighted when an increase in that amount reflects your experience.

Booking Schedule

Mondays 9am ~ 12pm

Open Visit ~ Meditation Monday; Creating a space for connecting with inner understanding… Breathing and contemplating the moment. (Book here to receive your free invitation pack)

Mondays 12.30pm ~ 3pm

Online Private Hangout ~ £10 suggested donation for each 30 minute session. (For first sessions consider block booking to allow for more time)

Tuesdays 9am ~ 12pm

Open Vist ~ Creative Tuesday; Creating a space for abundance to flow from within… Breathing visions into life through art (Book here to receive your free invitation pack)

Tuesdays & Wednesdays 12.30 ~ 2.30pm

Private Inquiries one to one & call-outs ~ £15 suggested donation for each 30 minute session (minimum booking of 3 sessions required – travel and expenses will be added at time of booking depending on distance).

Wednesdays 2.30pm ~ 5pm

Open Visit ~ Enjoy the sights that North East has to offer by joining the alchemist out and about (Book here to receive your free invitation pack)

Thursdays 9am ~ 12pm

Open Visit ~ Raw Thursday; Creating a space to work with nature… Continuing the vision through our inner alchemist (Book here to receive your free invitation pack)

Fridays 9am ~ 12pm

Open Visit ~ Friendly Friday; Creating a space to share with others… Come along, share news, join in the fun and mull over your part in the grand molecular structure of the inner alchemist (Book here to receive your free invitation pack)

To make a booking click here

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