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Aromatherapy History

Throughout recorded history, humans have been aware of the marked effects of scented plants on their minds, bodies and emotions. Humans have always smelled flowers, and early humans became aware of the changes specific scents created within themselves at an early age.

When civilisation began, humans compiled aromatic knowledge into a body of lore, certain fragrant plants were worn or sniffed to heal the body. The rarest, costliest and most aromatic plants were offered in worship. Though the aim was to please the deities, incense smoke also affected the worshippers as well. The smoke released from burning frankincense, for instance, directly heightened the participants’ spiritual involvement in the rite. (more…)


Therapeutic Relationships

Power in the Therapeutic Relationship

Even when walking in a party of no more than three I can always be certain of learning from those who I am with.  There will be good qualities that I can select for imitation and bad ones which will teach me what requires correction in myself. –Confucius

Everyone possesses power; it is the ‘force’ concept in the term ‘life force’; it is a “vital force” (Hahnemann 1982:12).

Without power we cease to function, it is the energy that drives the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual responses of the body to any stimulus. (more…)

Alchemy of Productive Work Strategies

Working 9-5 does not suit every person, and indeed many have differently structured days.

If you’re a business owner responsible for a small organisation you’re likely taking on many more hours to reduce costs. If you’re an executive within larger business these hours become further pressured.

Breaking your day down into chunks of work and rest that match your natural energy levels feels good, makes your workday go faster, and boosts your productivity. For more see this article from Travis Bradberry

In essence studies find taking a natural break away from tasks at hand every hour or so increases overall productivity; however it does beg the question of how to utilise this time to ensure a true break. (more…)

Benefits of Understanding your Inner and Social Alchemy

There are fundamental questions to which science has yet to fathom answers; now research increasingly shows that the answers lie within us if we choose to observe the fundamentals of alchemy.

  • What makes us happy
  • What makes us healthy
  • How can we heal from physical and mental diseases
  • How can we be happy in our relationships
  • How can we develop our talents and be of value in the world

A leading scientist within the field of holistic medicine, S∅ren Ventegodt, highlights the significance of research into evidence based, non-drug medicine. The understanding of our inner alchemy leads to an emotional intelligence which reflects our social alchemy.  When in balance the wellness that results can be the swiftest healer of many illnesses. For more on S∅ren Ventegodt click HERE (more…)

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